Thought of the Day: Accountability

“Our potential is one thing. What we do with it is quite another.” ― Angela Duckworth

We have more potential than we can even imagine! I read somewhere once that most people stop at 40% of their potential. That’s insane! We waste so much of the talent we possess.

How can we push past 40% and accomplish what we once thought impossible?

We need someone to hold us accountable. Someone to tell it like it is, give us a swift kick in the ass when we need it, or provide encouragement when we feel like quitting. It’s much harder to give up on our potential when we know we’re not only letting ourselves down, but another person or team who is striving for similar goals.

My CrossFit training is a perfect example of how team accountability has pushed me to more than I could’ve ever imagined. Two years ago, I would have only dreamed to be where I am today. It’s the power of accountability and the amazing coaches and teammates I’m surrounded by. They are the reason I decide to go to the gym on days I’m feeling lazy, the reason I push myself past limits I once thought impossible, and the reason I have become the athlete I am today.

What areas of your life could use an accountability partner?

Where do you need help reaching your full potential? Nutrition, fitness, career, finances, life?

Try finding someone to hold you accountable. You’ll surprise yourself with what you can accomplish:)