Thought of the Day: Distractions

My day job is a user experience designer. If I’m not white boarding or collaborating with my team, you can almost always find me at my computer. Lately, I’ve noticed how distracted I get throughout the day, especially when I know I should be tackling my list of to-dos!

There are distractions everywhere! My phone, email, Slack. And to make it worse, the entire internet is accessible to me at the click of the Google Chrome icon! How can I possibly stay focused?! It takes all my energy to resist clicking on the Slack notification that is bouncing in my tool bar or the ding my phone just made.

In a world where it’s almost expected to be available 24/7 and responding immediately to messages is the norm, it’s very difficult to stay focused on the work right in front of me.

The question is…how can I limit my distractions and still keep up with the quickly changing tech world and respond in a timely manner?

My weekly challenge:

Turn off all notifications at work before 11 am and work in a quiet space.

Challenge accepted!