Thought of the Day: Gratitude

I find myself falling into ruts every now and again. Sometimes only a day. Other times, weeks or months. During these phases, I don’t feel like myself and things don’t fall into place how I’d like them to.

In most situations, practicing gratitude has been the cure. Writing down ten things I’m grateful for every morning shifts my mindset from “Poor me.” to “My life is pretty great! I’m about to go out and conquer this day!”

My list is different everyday, but this is what I wrote today.

I am grateful for…

  • the snow falling outside
  • a warm house
  • the ability to walk and exercise
  • an amazing team to train with at the gym
  • the people I surround myself with everyday
  • a car to take me places
  • my ability to see
  • a crockpot full of food
  • food in my fridge
  • my design talents

When you’re grateful, things start falling into place. You are aware of the fantastic people in your life, your environment, the wealth you possess, and the talents you’ve been given. You don’t worry so much about the small glitches throughout your day that you won’t remember tomorrow, next week, or in a month.

I also use gratitude to accomplish my futuristic goals. After writing ten things I’m currently grateful for, I write things I want to accomplish in the future, as if they’ve already happened.

I start out with this phrase, “I am so happy and grateful now that…”

For example, these are a couple of my current goals.

  1. I am so happy and grateful now that we have won the 2017 CrossFit Games as a team in Madison.
  2. I am so happy and grateful now that I have successfully ran my first coaching retreat and rocked it! I brought more value to the participants than what they paid. I challenged them, while bringing betterment to their lives.
  3. I am so happy and grateful now that I am doing what I love every single day!
  4. I am so happy and grateful now that I am a successful writer and blogger with 100,000+ followers on Medium.

Gratitude is a simple concept, but it has the ability to put your life back on track.

It’s time to make 2017 the greatest year yet!