Time flies, make the most of it!

You can’t ask for more, borrow, steal, or put it on pause, it’s irreversible. Time can’t be relived. Not an hour, minute or even a second.

It’s easy to forget that our time here on earth isn’t forever. I forget almost everyday. It becomes so easy to go through the motions, wake up in the morning, replay the same routine as yesterday, and then do it all over again tomorrow. Each day seems to pass by slowly waiting for Friday, as another week is complete, but when I look back on the months and years, they seem to fly by faster than I expected.

The average person in the United States spends around 28,000 days on earth. Wow! That’s not a lot of time to visit all the extraordinary places in the world, check off all the items from your bucket list, or meet all the interesting people out there.

It’s time to light a fire under your ass! Start doing the things you love. Take risks, challenge yourself, spend time with the people you enjoy most, live in the moment, be grateful for the little things, explore, and only accept the best, because anything less is a waste.

Go out there and be your best self!