Thought of the day: Where do you get your news?

I think it’s important to be in the loop with what is happening in the world, but I got to the point a couple months ago where I didn’t know which news sources were reliable and where I could get unbiased information. I also didn't want to spend hours a day visiting multiple news sources and comparing stories. 

I’ve recently signed up for the DailySkimm. It arrives in my inbox every morning with an easy-to-read breakdown of the daily headlines. I can quickly ‘skimm’ the catchy, playfully written topics in about 5 minutes or dig deeper into a story by clicking on the links to read more. They take what could be boring news and spice it up with witty headlines and explanations.

I’ve really enjoyed The Skimm as my primary news source, but am looking for suggestions! What news sources do you like best to give you a summary of what is happening in the world? Who do you trust for this information?

The Skimm also seems to be an unbiased source according to this link: