Client: Hello Love

Business Type:  Nursery and Kid's Room Interior Design

Art Direction: Kayla Byington

When Kayla told me about her dream to design nurseries and kid’s rooms, I was instantly excited! I also may have told her it was THE coolest idea ever! :) I was so fired up, because this gal has some real interior design talent. Her love for what is now only a hobby, (soon to be something much more) is conveyed every time she talks about Hello Love. I wanted to be a part of this journey and design a logo to represent her passion. 

To visually represent the company, a list of brand traits were created to help guide my design. Hello Love was described as:

1. Elegant, but not stuffy.

2. Beautiful, but not untouchable.

3. Fun, but not silly.

4. Functional, but not boring.